• mRNA vaccines save lives.

    We cannot afford to hoard them.

    Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are the world's most effective defense against the COVID-19 pandemic, yet these companies aren't doing enough to share that protection. 

  • We are the mRNA-1273 vaccine trial participants. The world's most effective COVID-19 vaccine was tested in our bodies, on our blood.


    We believe in the vaccine, but we're threatening to leave the Moderna study unless Moderna scales up production to meet the world's needs.

  • What Moderna should do

    Moderna's vaccine saves lives. But Moderna needs to increase production.

    Moderna is doing too little, too late - but the good news is they can do more.

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    The WHO and its partners, including the Africa CDC, are prepared to work with Moderna to build vaccine manufacturing capacity abroad. This would occur in parallel to Moderna's production, without disrupting their current operations. A 2023 plant in Africa is too little too late given that there are already companies capable of producing mRNA Covid vaccines in six countries on three continents.

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    The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is able to establish additional manufacturing capacity with the same contractors Moderna already uses to produce their vaccine. Moderna should communicate its willingness to partner in this way. Moderna's operations would not be affected, and the company would get additional royalties, but the world would get vaccines much sooner.

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    Make more ambitious commitments to low and lower-middle income countries

    A couple million doses won't cut it when we need over 20 billion doses over the next year (full report).


    Moderna is on the record stating they will deliver 1 billion doses to low income countries in 2022, despite only delivering 35 million in 2021. We're watching closely to see if they meet this commitment.

  • Vaccine inequity is unbearable


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    Under 10% of people in low income countries vaccinated.

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    These data speak for themselves.

    We are far from having enough vaccines to meet the estimated 20 billion dose shortfall.


    mRNA vaccines will be most effective against the next variant and most protective against new variants forming. The next variant could be worse.


    Some argue that people in unvaccinated areas aren't dying of Covid-19 and don't need the shot, but even with under counting, 1.6 million people have died in low and lower-middle income countries.

    Vaccine supplies are low or absent where people are lining up to get the shot. Hear from our friends in Uganda.

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    The majority of pledged vaccine doses have not left the US.

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    Most people vaccinated do not have the superior mRNA vaccine.

    However, mRNA vaccines have been made at much larger scale by Pfizer-BioNTech, demonstrating capacity to scale this technology.

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    Case fatality rates are high in low and lower middle income countries.

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    Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech are making $1000 a second.

  • Join the walkout

    Our message is more powerful together. Moderna relies on us, the study participants, to generate the data necessary to show how well the vaccine works. This vaccine needs to work well for people in low and middle income countries, not just the wealthy.


    Send Moderna your conditional withdrawal

    Copy the template letter.
    Email it to the study team.

    CC us or let us know: contact@mrna4all.org


    Spread the word




    Write to local paper


    We can help!

  • Jump in

    These are just some of the organizations taking a stand. They are not directly affiliated with this page.

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